5 Uses for Your Kief Collection

The days of buying a bag of weed on the corner are far behind us. You now head down to your local dispensary and pick some kief. If you are not familiar with kief then allow us to up your game. Kief is the super potent resinous trichomes, or the cannabis crystals, that you find at the bottom of your bag or lining your grinder. I used to throw that stuff away until learned better. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And that is the case here. Kief is almost pure THC and that means it is pretty much the best stuff you could ever smoke. You want to collect all the leftovers you can get. To that end, let’s look at 5 uses for your kief collection.

Use 1 Roll the Best Joint Ever

My favorite way to enjoy cannabis is to smoke a joint. Although I do enjoy vaping and eating medical edibles, nothing beats an old fashioned joint. I know it’s not the healthiest way to use marijuana but I am old fashioned when it comes to certain things. And a fat joint is one of my favorite past times. And now that I have discovered the wonderful world of kief I love joints more than ever. I have two ways I like to roll a kief joint. One way is to sprinkle the kief onto the buds in the rolling paper. The other is to wet the joint with oil, preferably hash oil then, roll the joint over a plate of kief. You should go slowly when trying this for the first time. This will be the most potent joint you have ever smoked. 

Use 2 Play Barista

Step up to the bar partner and order yourself something special. Another favourite use of my kief collection includes incorporating kief into my morning beverage. I am a big morning beverage kind of guy. I love coffee and tea. Whatever you like to drink to start your day can be supercharged by adding a little bit of kief the same way you would add sugar to that coffee. I find that half of a teaspoon sets my day off in the right direction. By the time I get to the office, I am ready to take on the world with a smile. I even like to fill my thermos with a nice cappuccino or chai latte. Your mid-morning coffee break will never be the same. And your afternoon will be intoxicatingly pleasurable. Ironically, the word kief means intoxicating and pleasurable in Arabic. Bet you didn’t know that did you?

Use 3 Bust Out the Bong Buster

Invite Bill Clinton over and break out the bong. Don’t worry he doesn’t inhale. But if you do, you’re guaranteed the best bong hit of your career. Take a regular bud and pack the bowl. Then sprinkle a generous amount of kief on top. Fire it up and let the games begin. I like to put ice cubes into the water chamber. This way you not only kill off the nasty carbon monoxide but you also cool off the hit. Nothing beats a deep cool kief hit off the bong. 

Use 4 Churn Some Butter Buddy

This may be the perfect application for your kief collection. The uses are as endless as your imagination. You can cook your kief down in the same way you would your buds. Kief makes the most incredible cannabutter. The potency is pure and mighty. We are talking about an almost 100% THC laden batch of butter here. So, if you’re baking a cake or some brownies for Saturday’s pool party, you had better test them out beforehand. Chances are you are in for a big surprise. Even if you are accustomed to eating edibles you will want to test out the batch. You can expect a cookie to have between 5 and 10 times the potency of a regular batch of chocolate chip cookies. So again, go slow. These things can creep up on you.

Use 5 Make Some Homemade Hash

Traditionally, kief has been used in the production of hash. That is why “hash” is so much more potent than marijuana buds. Growers press their buds into cakes for storage purposes. The result is hashish. They collect all the kief, heat and pressurize it until it turns into hash. There are many recipes and approaches to making hashish at home. Check out one of the hundreds of videos on Youtube.com. Making hash can be hit or miss and is a trial by error process. But once you get it right you will find it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears.