Can you Cure Hangover With Cannabis? Yes, you can. Cannabis is actually a bit of a miracle hangover cure. And nothing works better. Moreover, it treats multiple elements that are involved in hangovers. How’s your stomach feel? Not good right? How about your head? Its pretty much your entire body. And if you’re older you probably have started experiencing emotional hangovers that leave you feeling guilty and depressed.

So, you had a great night. At least that what your friends are telling you. And from what you remember, you did. Now how do you get that fat ugly woman out of your bed? But first, you need to do something about that headache and nausea. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can cure hangover with cannabis.

Cure Hangover With Cannabis – Miraculous Cure-All

There are lots of different approaches when it comes to treating hangovers with cannabis. Firstly, how bad is it? And what is your goal? For example, do you have to go to work? Do you need to be productive? And the list goes on. Cannabis comes in a wide variety of manners that include CBD, THC, Indica or Sativa dominance. All four will help greatly with nausea and vomiting. As well they all work wonders on throbbing headaches.


CBD is a great anti-inflammatory and also has powerful anti-nausea properties as well. Mostly, CBD is great if you don’t want to “get high” but need cannabis’ healing powers. CBD is now available for medical purposes in all 50 States. You can get CBD in liquid form, pills and many other forms. A good dosage will wipe out your hangover so quickly you will be stunned. So, before you call the Boss and make up a big lie, try some. After 15 minutes you will want to get yourself into work and keep yourself out of trouble.


You will get all the great benefits of cannabis regardless of how much THC or CBD you choose. But THC acts differently than CBD. THC is the psychotropic compound in cannabis responsible for getting you “high.” The nice thing about THC is that it clears your brain of the anxiety normally associated with a big hangover. It will quickly erase your headache as well. And as in all forms, it will settle your stomach and your nerves. Not only will your hangover be markedly reduced you will be feeling pretty damn good and euphoric. Try that with Tylenol.

Sativa and Indica

The strain that you choose will have very different effects on your day and your hangover. Both work wonders. But it depends on what your day looks like. A Sativa will make you silly and give you a mental high and an energetic high. This is great if you have to get out and get stuff done. An¬†Indica, on the other hand, will settle you down. So, if it’s a Sunday morning and you don’t have to go out or take care of responsibilities an Indica will lock you on to your couch. You can relax on the sofa and binge watch your favourite Netflix series.

You Really can Cure Hangover With Cannabis

There are many benefits to using cannabis in this medical way. Perhaps the best aspect is that after your high wears off in 3 or 4 hours your hangover will be ancient history. Of course, you will want to hydrate. A hangover is really a lack of water in your system. Anyone who drinks alcohol or suffers migraines knows that water is the essential key to curing your problem. There are loads of cannabis-infused drinks, like soda or coconut water. A really great idea is to have a big cannabis-infused drink before going to bed.

I suggest a CBD. You don’t want to get high. You just want to sleep. While you sleep the CBD will go to work and the water will hydrate. You will wake up to the alarm clock already ahead of the game. Another final tip is to get high before heading out to drink. This will slow down your drinking and you will require less alcohol to get to your happy place.