Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Test

We would like to take a closer look at Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Test. There are many so-called panaceas out there. But do any real work? Well, there are all sorts of home remedies. And then there are dozens of products that claim to work. But do they? Do any?

This is serious when it comes to passing a drug test for law enforcement agencies. It is equally important to those of us that get drug tested at our job. Losing a job could ruin your life or worse. So, let’s take a quick look at some classic approaches as well as some over the counter products that we tested and get to the bottom of this dilemma.

Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Test – Home Made

There are many approaches to the old school, do it yourself, detox methods and drinks that supposedly help. I tried a few myself growing up. Water is “the drink.” The problem is you have to drink enough to kill an elephant.   The only time I passed one was when I used my sister’s piss. She didn’t smoke weed. But she was pregnant. They never figured out either and I got the job.

I tried Golden Seal Root. Its claim to fame was that it would rid the body of any trace of marijuana in 3 days. It did not work. There were other insane methods like drinking tons of water and eating peanut butter, to taking exorbitant amounts of Vitamin C, to Voodoo Dancing. Nothing ever worked. Let’s see if things have improved since I was a young lad.

Early Home Remedies

There are two old-school methods that are 100% effective when executed properly. They bypass the need for detox drinks. But are notable and could be lifesaving and therefore mentioned. The problem here is that a bit of luck is also involved. You can’t get caught pulling off your scam. If you can get the piss into the hands of the testers, however, you’re golden.

Method One: Use a friend’s piss. If you know someone who has never done drugs, have them piss in a cup for you. This requires a bit of tutelage and luck to pull off. Firstly, you need to offer piss that is close to body temperature. They actually slap a temperature reader to the cup right as you hand it to them. So, it’s got to be hot. I put mine in a cup of tea so that it was as hot as possible and would cool down as I sat in the waiting room. When I felt I had been sitting too long I complained that I had to take a serious piss. And I asked if I could fill a cup. They will always say, “Yes.”

Problem: Many testers have caught on to the gags and schemes. So, they might watch you “void.” This means they literally have to watch the piss leave your Johnson. Should this problem arise you may as well just piss and hope for a miracle. Because there will be no filling the cup with Aunt Margie’s piss. Look for another job, method one has failed.

Method Two: Method Two is the same as Method One, except you use synthetic urine that you purchase on the Internet. The same precautions and speed bumps apply.

Store Bought Detox Drinks

We tried a few. Here are the results.

Rescue Detox

Rescue Detox Drink was interesting. It comes in a Blue Ice flavour from a company called Applied Sciences. It claims to have “instant cleansing energy.” The cost was under 25 bucks. So, we tried. It worked. My pal, Funny Tooth Freddy, smokes pot all day, every day. He tested within legal parameters, shockingly. We were all impressed. “Fucking Stunned” would be a better description. It works. If Fat Ass Freddy Funny Tooth passed, ANYONE will pass.

It’s actually a bit of a pain in the ass. But nothing compared to being homeless after losing your job for smoking a couple blunts at a Sunday football party. Painstaking as it may seem, follow the directions and you should be fine.

You need to drink a half a litre of this anti-freeze looking crap. Then you have to refill the bottle twice and drink it all in 30 minutes. Then you have to take 3 pisses. It’s not really that easy and it’s uncomfortable. But it works.

XxxtraClean Herbal Cleanse

You can pick the Triple X for about 15 bucks. This Detoxify Drink comes in a 20-ounce bottle. It tasted pretty good. But would it work? This time we used Alejandro, an all day, everyday pot smoker. He drank the 20 ounces. We waited 20 minutes and he drank 20 ounces of water, as instructed. You then need to pee three times. They claim the fourth piss will test negatively. You have a 5-hour window to take your test. It worked. Alejandro passed the test.

Stinger Detox “The Buzz” Deep System Cleanser

This drink costs about 20 dollars. The Buzz was the easiest to handle. It is a small 8-ounce bottle and tastes really good. It was kind of like grape soda. After Big Lou drank it we waited the typical 20 minutes and then he drank 40 ounces of water. He had a hard time peeing 3 times. It took about an hour and a half.  His fourth pee was as clean as could be, not a single trace of THC. We found this to be very impressive. I even wrote them a raving review on their website. It really works and gets our highest recommendation!