Expert Rolling Techniques

Now is a great time to partake in the wonder marijuana. The legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes is growing. Canada has made marijuana legal nationwide. The United States is on its way with over thirty states at this time. Every week many new marijuana dispensaries are springing up along with shops that sell all things cannabis. There are pipes, bongs, vaporizers, e-Liquids and of course good old rolling papers. 

These days pre-rolled papers and joints are available. Very easy and convenient. However, there is no substitute for the experience of rolling your own joint. There is a real sense of pride and accomplishment when you toke on your own handcrafted joint. The most important thing to remember rolling good joints takes practice. Just like learning an instrument there will be mistakes and frustration.  So hang in there and one day you will be the talk of stoner-ville with exquisitely rolled joints.

 Let’s start with the weed itself. Remove any sticks and seeds. Place in a hand grinder and grind until you have a nice fluffy mound. Now you are ready to rock and roll! Let’s look at various Expert Rolling Techniques that produce nice toking delectable doobies.

Expert Rolling Techniques

  • The Classic 

All beginners start with the Classic joint. However, this can have mixed results if your technique is lacking. First, take your ground weed and spread it evenly on the paper. Make sure the gum is at the top of the paper and facing you. Then place both index fingers at the top facing each other with both thumbs likewise at the bottom. Roll the weed between your fingers, stopping at times to even out accumulation from the middle. When it becomes cylindrical curl the bottom of paper underneath the weed with your index and middle fingers. Roll up with pressure until almost the top. Lick the gum and seal evenly with index fingers. Remember not to roll to tight or the joint will not draw properly. 

  • The Tulip 

Amsterdam is famous for a lot of things. Two of the main ones are tulips and cannabis culture. It is of no surprise that there is a joint resembling the tulip. This creation is quite easy to roll even for the novice. Start by rolling a thin joint and then cut it in half. Next roll a wide cone. Push down and twist the fat end of the cone to compact. Snip off the end and insert the cut end of the joint. Cut strips of gum paper to seal the intersection. Now you have at tokin Tulip! 

  • The Fatty 

This fat cat packs a punch. The Fatty is like it sounds, fat. Rolled like a traditional joint the Fatty utilizes a one and one half or a double-wide paper. When rolling a Fatty use your middle finger for supporting the extra robust girth. The Fatty is great for passing around at parties. 

  • The Cross 

This is one cross you will want to bear. The Cross was made famous by the movie Pineapple Express. To construct this joint roll two joints. Cut one in two pieces. One-quarter from the top make two holes on either side. Insert the two halves of the cut joint in the two holes. Use cut gum strips to seal intersections. Light the ends of the Cross for a threeway toke. 

  • The Scorpion 

 The Scorpion spliff is surprisingly shaped like a scorpion! Building this strange joint takes a bit of time. First, roll a long joint by glueing a half paper to a whole one. Roll two regular joints for the two “pinchers” and six thinner ones for the “legs”. Make the appropriate holes and insert pinchers and arms. Seal the joined ends with gum paper. The Scorpion is a stinger when all eight ends are lit. This novelty is a big hit with party-goers.  


Practice Makes Perfect

As marijuana grows in popularity, so does the inventiveness of joint rollers. The classic is still the most popular and the easiest to roll.  But using some creativity can make getting stoned even more fun. Moreover, you can be proud of your ability to roll perfect delectable doobies in a variety of styles thanks to these Expert Rolling Techniques. Practice makes perfect!