It used to be that an apple a day kept the doctor away, no longer. People are now Fighting Diseases With Cannabis. The results are as stupendous, as are the various applications. Traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals are finally taking a back seat to the genuine healing prowess of cannabis. 20 years ago less than 25% of people surveyed thought for medicinal purposes, they should legalize marijuana. As of 2015, that number skyrocketed to 84%. And a new day in medical advancement dawned. Studies and research can now be conducted, legally. The game has changed.

Fighting Diseases With Cannabis

The fight is in the cannabinoids. Cannabis is rich in THC and CBD cannabinoids. Our bodies are rich in cannabinoid receptors. They interact. And the effect is natural healing. Unlike, almost all prescription drugs, cannabis has zero negative health effects. Moreover, most drugs treat a specific ailment. Cannabis treats a long and ever-growing list of Illnesses. Best of all cannabis cures. Most prescribed drugs simply mask the real illness and work only while used. Pharmaceuticals are the biggest companies in the United States. And this is the reason marijuana has been demonized for such a long time. But cannabis is quickly replacing bad medicine.

Short List of Diseases Cannabis Helps

Cancer and Chemotherapy Treatment

Cancer cells are very receptive to cannabinoid treatments. Brain Cancer is a disease in which almost no treatments are helpful. However, cannabis shows positive effects. Companies are already producing liquid oral THC solutions that work wonders on nausea caused by Chemo and radiation. The same solution is likewise showing very good results in aiding AIDS suffers regain body mass. CBD medicines help cancer patients manage pain far more effectively than opioids. And of course, there is no psychological or physical dependency. London researchers discovered that patients treated with cannabis before radiation increased tumor reduction by 90%.

Multiple and Tuberous Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a demon of a disease. Patients suffer differently and to different degrees. Regardless they suffer terribly in the muscles and bones and joints and constant discomfort. CBD has shown prowess in relaxing the body’s of patients even to the point of curing them of this horrific life sentence. Tuberous Sclerosis is a genetic disorder that causes non-malignant tumors and seizures. Cannabinoids have been shown to halt the disease in over 80% of patients.

Spasticity, Twitching, Epilepsy, Parkison’s and Tourette Syndromes

These diseases all get put to bed with CBD treatments. Full body Indica programs put the body and mind in a deep state of rest, both mentally and especially physically. One fantastic aspect of CBD is that it is not psychotropic. So, patients don’t get high. Muscles relax, twitching is replaced by healing relaxation, shaking subsides in Parkinson’s and those with Tourette’s can better control their outbursts.

Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Cannabis has been known to alleviate stress for thousands of years, throughout cultures the planet over. It is easy to see how THC alters mood for the better and creates peaceful euphoria. This is hugely helpful with soldiers returning from the horrors of war, or victims of violent trauma. Cannabinoids block receptors responsible for negativity and depression while at the same time aiding in the release of dopamine.

Chronic Pain

This is where CBD is King. People living with chronic pain suffer endlessly. Their pain is constant, making it impossible to live normal lives. Studies are showing that cannabis outperforms all marketed, over the counter or prescription drugs. Most of these drugs only temporarily mask the pain and do nothing to heal. Furthermore, most are addictive, have horrendous side effects and can even lead to death.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Here is a true miracle application. Doctors have been pitiful in the fight against this disease for decades, not anymore. Cannabis has been shown to lower beta-amyloid levels. In layman’s terms, that is the plaque that sticks to Alzheimer’s sufferer’s brains and causes cognitive decline. The cannabis arrests the development. That is big news for the over 5 million Americans suffering today.

Fighting Diseases With Cannabis

We could add hundreds of other sicknesses that can be treated by, and in many cases, cured by cannabis. There’s diabetes, bowel and intestine issues, not to mention digestion, parasitic infections and all sorts of stomach related problems. There is the most famous application of relieving pressure from glaucoma patients. But we knew that 40 years ago. Then there are all sorts of inflammation applications. There are creams and ointments for skin treatments and more. The future looks bright. Fighting Diseases With Cannabis is still in its infancy. But it looks like its booming and booming fast. Get well, my friends