How To Succeed A Tolerance Break – Smoking weed on a daily basis is in some cases is detrimental to your health. Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are famous for indulging. They are rich and famous and we are probably not. However, they too probably give the wisdom weed a break at times. Marijuana is not physically addictive. But can be psychologically addictive.

Like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or having a sweet tooth, taking a break is difficult. This can be a problem if you believe that marijuana is the only thing that can make you happy. Taking a break from cannabis after extensive or daily use will prove to be beneficial.

Try starting with a 1-month timeline. Pick a date and stick to it. This will not be easy. The first few days or more will be difficult. So while you are making this change, you should make other changes. One of the first things you should do is remove all your weed from your house. Give whatever you have to a friend to keep for a later date…Knowing you will get it back is reassuring. (good luck .. lol!). Real friends are understanding and will not be around you smoking up or vaping THC in front of you.

The temptation is always there. This helps to make your commitment stick .. find the strength and embrace the world. Make love more … even when you’re alone!

Also, let all your friends who use cannabis know of your plans on taking a break. Now, this is a time to try new things in your life. If you are a daily smoker your day now will be different. You could feel a sense of withdrawal in your sense of being. Change can be good and positive in the end. With some people, cannabis can make them a little lethargic. It is important to occupy your time in a positive way. Instead of getting stoned, get motivated. There is no better way of changing your outlook on life than the outdoors.

Get outside whenever possible and take long walks or bicycle rides. You won’t believe the difference being outside can do for your mental well being. Also, a good idea is to read a good book. Being a stoner myself I can attest to the problems of memory when it comes to reading. Many times I have been stoned and can’t remember what I have read the day before.

Maybe your break from cannabis will encourage other activities such as sports or starting a new hobby of some sort. In my opinion, it would be wise to not substitute alcohol with weed. This could impair your judgement and before you know it you are toking a spliff. Detox is not easy, but worth it.

If you find you have issues with anxiety from your weedless month, try a CBD oil. Studies have shown that CBD has an effect on cannabinoid receptors in the brain. CBD helps to regulate serotonin which helps to relieve anxiety.

Another factor to consider is weight gain. Therefore this is a perfect opportunity to lose a few pounds if you so wish. It worked for me with exercise and eating less. Sometimes when stoned I would become couch locked and eat junk food. Food cravings became so great that one time I found I was eating sardines on ice cream!

I lost 5 pounds in my weedless month.  So trust me my fellow smoker tokers, how to succeed a tolerance break is sometimes not easy but well worth it. If you smoke the herb, you will give your lungs a break, also finding new energy. But you also have to keep in mind after your Sativa sabbatical you are going to get baked. Take it easy on your return. Bon Voyage!