Is Weed a Gateway Drug?

The idea that marijuana is a gateway drug has been revisited with real research since its popular legalization throughout the USA and Canada. Much of that research is the result of groups trying to vilify cannabis and keep it illegal. So, the beautiful irony is that the enemy has done most of the work for us in proving the contrary.

The simple answer to the ongoing debate is that marijuana is not the gateway drug we have been falsely led to believe. And ironically, the real gateway drug turns out to be the longtime legal and far more deadly alcohol, that they so vociferously promote.

One Big Fat Lie

The anti-drug lobbyist, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and of course The Alcohol Industry spend millions of dollars a year publishing biased reports and lying to the public, simply to line their pockets, while our children die and our families are ripped apart. Public health is of no concern to these greed mongers.

Marijuana became illegal for 2 major reasons. One was so that the powers that be could more easily incarcerate minorities. And the big reason; they couldn’t control a natural plant and profit off it. Marijuana was a big threat to alcohol sales and that is where they made big money years ago. Today, it’s Big Pharma’s need for dependent clients that perpetuate the Big Lie. There is no money in a healthy population. So, Big Pharma can’t allow people to get well-using cannabis. They would lose billions. And so, for decades we have been force-fed the “Gateway” lie.

The Truth Will Set You Free

In the last 10 years, thousands of studies have proven that marijuana is not “the gateway drug.” At the same time, and as, a direct result from these studies, they have learned that alcohol is in fact “the gateway drug.” Oh, the irony. Go to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and read their findings on drug addiction. Read studies conducted by the National Epidemiological Study of Alcohol Use and Related Disorders.  

Go to the numerous government-sponsored public health websites and read and learn. Better yet, go to a rehab or a drug addiction center and ask around. Go to some AA meetings and listen. Talk to drug addicts and doctors. You will quickly discover the truth. And stop letting the “fake news” that has consumed our society dictate your beliefs.

Marijuana is a Gateway Drug, An Exit

And as if this blog wasn’t full of enough irony, here is the one King to rule them all – Marijuana is an Exit gateway from drugs. An enormous amount of evidence now points to the fact that cannabis helps drugs addicts kick the habit. Not just kick the habit, but kick it naturally, without more harmful and addictive drugs. The Harm Reduction Journal recently studied over 2000 drug addicts. The list was full of those hooked on opioids, benzos, alcohol and more. A shocking 70% of those treated with marijuana kicked their habits.

Now that is one Hell of a gateway that we can be excited about using. Again, the irony is astounding. Opioids are prescribed to manage pain. But they do little to help the pain. And they do nothing to cure or treat the problem. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, proves to be much more effective in pain management and does, in fact, treat the problem.

Study after study supports the fact that marijuana is not a gateway drug. And even more, studies show that cannabis has endless medical applications that are highly beneficial and not at all harmful. Marijuana is not in any way addictive. Nor can you overdose. There has never been a single reported case of a person dying from marijuana.

Check the stats on Oxycotin. See the hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed by prescription drugs that don’t even work. See their CEOs who have lied for years now being held responsible for their wicked lies and poison peddling. Most importantly, read and learn about the health benefits of medical marijuana. That may turn out to be the gateway that saves your life or someone you love.