Making Perfect Incredible Edibles is a process of trial and error. Any Chef will tell you that. And Although it may be a bit daunting when you first try, following the recipe will make it much easier for you. And the results are well worth the effort. You may enjoy edibles recreationally. Or you may use them for medicinal reasons. Either way, they are a fantastic way to reap the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke or poison yourself with tar and carbon monoxide. Today we are excited to helpĀ Making Perfect Cannabis Edibles easy.

Making Perfect Incredible Edibles

It Starts With The Strain

This is the first step and really one of the easiest. You need to choose the right strain to fit your needs. The two criteria here are potency and type of strain. Potency is all about strength. Basically, how high do want to get? Or how much food will you be making? This is crucial to a quality final product. A good way to approach this is by considering how many portions you will end up with. For example, if you are baking a cake you will probably end up with 10 servings. A good basis for individual dosage is between 25-50mgs. That means you will want about 500mgs of THC in your cake.

Secondly, you need to decide what kind of high or medication you require. That means choosing a Sativa or an Indica. If you are more of a recreational user a Sativa is probably what you are looking for. Sativa is cerebral and fun inducing. However, an Indica is more of a body high for relaxation and pain management. So, now you know how to choose your strain. Let’s get cooking.

Stocking Up The Kitchen – What you Need

You may not have gone to cooking school. So, let’s see what you need in the kitchen to make good edibles. It starts with a weed grinder. You want to make sure your buds are well ground. The finer the weed the less you will taste the cannabis in the final product and the better your edible will cook. A food processor is key as well. Then it’s back to basics. Get yourself a recipe book. Pick your favorite dessert. And get cooking. The recipe book will walk you through step by step. You might not get it right the first couple of times. But don’t give up. Cooking is trial and error after all.


This is where it gets a bit complicated. It is one thing to bake the perfect cake. It is an entirely different deal when using THC. Raw weed is not psychoactive. But when cooked properly the THC oil is activated. But it is a delicate process. Temperature and timing are crucial. But don’t be scared away. It is the same as following a recipe. Heat your oven to 240 degrees. Spread the refined buds on a cookie sheet and cook for 30-40 minutes. When they are golden brown you’re good to go. Blend that in your cookies or cake and follow the food recipe accordingly and you will likely have a perfect edible.

Dosage Infusion

Your dosage should be fine if you measured your cannabis properly. Making sure that it is well distributed, the dosage should be even and each portion should have the same potency. The infusion is all about your THC oil or “cannabutter.” You infuse this using the water-simmer method. There are others. If you have a chef’s knack you can do the research. Simmering requires boiling water and adding your butter until it is fully melted. Cook at low heat for another 3 hours to maximize potency. Finally, strain the globby stuff through a cheesecloth, cool and add it to the batter. Cook and eat.

Making Perfect Incredible Edibles

Making Perfect Incredible Edibles is possible, even if you’re not a five-star chef. Like anything else, it requires practice and patience. If you can follow simple instructions and learn from your mistakes you can make perfect edibles too. Bon Appetit!