It comes as no surprise that people have viewed Marijuana Use Throughout History as both the friend and foe. Now for myself, Marijuana has always been a friend – and what a friend indeed! That reminds me of an old saying that still rings true to this day; “A friend with weed is a friend indeed!”

Marijuana’s Past

Marijuana originates in Central Asia, where soon the plant travelled to Europe and parts of Africa before reaching the western hemisphere; North America. Since the dawn of time, people have been using Marijuana in a natural, freeing way. It wasn’t until later on that Governments etc figured out that hey, the people are happy and healthy! What gives?! In Asia, the people used Cannabis for many things, textiles, rope, food and medicine, even pottery! Cannabis is the plant that can literally do it all. And as we get further on in history, something that use-full will only help people. Which, we do not want!!

Marijuana’s past is full of usefulness, how tragic it must have been to go from being a tool good enough for many tasks. Only to have law officials deem you criminal product and seen your existence slowly fade! Especially since hemp happens to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in existence. There have been findings of written material in China during the reign of Emperor Shennong talking about Marijuana as early as 2727BC. The Assyrians discovered the psychoactive properties of Marijuana through the aid of the Aryans. The people introduced Marijuana into rituals, both spiritually and ceremoniously.

Marijuana’s Legality

Marijuana has only recently seen growing acceptance – in the West at least. Countries such as the United States and Canada have seen a large following for marijuana use and correspondingly, have seen changes in the plant’s legality. For instance, Canada legalized the recreational use of Marijuana on October 17th. On November 6th, the state of Michigan became the 10th state – and the first Midwestern state – to legalize Marijuana. Whereas countries such as the Netherlands, who’ve seen acceptance of Marijuana use for some time now in cities such as Amsterdam. Have begun to attempt to further themselves from the two things they are so well known for. The Red Light District and Marijuana Coffee Shops. Let’s hope they don’t dissolve their beloved world-wide identity totally!

Now although Marijuana is slowly being recognized for something other than creating lazy burn-outs. There once was a time where instead of being viewed in a negative manner, people viewed Marijuana as a healing plant! So with that being said, not everyone shared the same views – and some thought the plant to be evil. The Great Depression aided no help at normalizing Marijuana use. In 1931, all 29 states outlawed Marijuana. Then, under the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937, the U.S criminalized any non-industrial use of Marijuana nationwide. Now don’t think Marijuana only came about in the 1900’s no-no! They have estimated marijuana, as previously stated to be around since 500BC Asia. From Asia, Marijuana ventured onwards to Europe and Africa. Before reaching North America, having a grand old time, essentially went to jail and’s being reintroduced into society. And it thrills society to know this!

Marijuana’s Medical Use

Marijuana has been used medicinally since 500BC, and that’s a very long time. In all actuality, it’s an absolute wonder why Marijuana was ever criminalized. But alas, if the Government can’t profit off it then in their eyes, it’s not something worth their time. Especially if the product in question can heal people because Big Pharma would not ever stand for anything that gets in the way of their bank account rising. Even if that means keeping people sick, so be it. What’s your life to them over a couple of bucks? In the way, that’s exactly what your life is.

It’s amazing how societies in the past utilized Marijuana. For example, burned Cannabis seeds have been found in the graves of Shamans in Siberia and China from as early as 500BC. I was reading a couple months ago that during ancient funerals, a type of sweat lodge was made into the ground/area and inside, Cannabis seeds were burned. The family members would sit inside this type of sweat lodge and breath in the fumes ultimately bringing themselves to a higher level. Releasing the deceased’s soul and allowing the family to grieve spiritually. Now, that’s a funeral!

Marijuana’s Recreational Use

The recreational use of Marijuana has definitely seen an increase since the 20th century. Such films like “How High”, “Pineapple Express”, “Friday” and “Dazed and Confused” really set out the carpet for stoners. Dazed and Confused really set it out for myself, although, when the movie came out, I was only 3 years old. I resonated with the film later on in life, cracking jokes and smoking joints was a daily ritual. Nowadays, the recreational use of weed doesn’t cause the same uproar as before. That’s all thanks to the “normalizing” of the plant, as well as the fact that more and more people are in agreement that, just as Arnold said; “its just a leaf”. And who in their right mind is scared of a little leaf!? (The Government that’s who and big pharma!)

So if you’re looking at Marijuana Throughout History, you’ll find that at the beginning. Marijuana wasn’t a criminal plant, but rather was a natural remedy. It wasn’t until later on that higher ups started to realized that oh crap. This plant could keep people happy, healthy, joyous even! And that is something that we simply cannot have. Keep the people miserable pretty much. Thankfully, we have reverted back to old times and can see that the plants not dangerous. Those who try to keep it away from us are the really dangerous ones as they know the possibilities of what could come!