Marijuana, Your Brain and Music

It has been long known that there exists a strong bond between marijuana and music. Anyone who smokes pot can tell you that music seems to turn into magic when listening stoned. So, why is that? Is it by chance? Or is there some real science behind it all? We set out to find some answers. The results may surprise you.

It turns out there is a real biological reaction that happens when combining music and cannabis. Although legal barriers that have long been in place have hindered research, we did find studies conducted by experts and their findings are intriguing.

What Does the Good Doctor have to Say?

Firstly, let’s look at what marijuana is and how it affects the brain. We know now that THC and CBD are the active compounds in cannabis that affects the brain and the body. Our physiological makeup consists of a cannabinoid system. The cannabinoids in marijuana bond with these receptors and change the brain’s chemical make up for the better.

It turns out that marijuana acts as a sort of acoustic enhancer. The weed activates parts of the brain associated with sound and colour and imagination. So, listening to music while stoned actually heightens the senses and enhances brain activity.

Studies conducted by neuroscientist, musicologists and psychologists confirm these findings. Vice News set out to find the same answers. They interviewed many experts including British neuroscientist Dr. Sophie Scott, a Canadian professor of psychology Dr. Zach Walsh and Dr. Jorg Fachner, a professor of music, health and the brain from Cambridge. Their findings show a direct link between Marijuana, Your Brain and Music.

If I Only Had a Brain

The brain is affected in multiple areas in positive ways. Your brain can absorb information and music more deeply and from a much broader spectrum. Focus is far more intense as you are able to completely immerse yourself into the music. The body is in a much more relaxed state which allows the mind more ability to travel, feel and dance.

Perception is deeper and your brain shows you different aspects that you usually don’t feel or hear. Music is time. The brain thinks linear and in time sequences generally speaking. However, cannabis removes the timeline from your critical thinking. This allows you to be present and enjoy your senses in a more full and meaningful way.

THC and CBD affect the way you perceive time. Internally things remain clear but externally thing slows down. So, your brain processes information differently. Also slowed down are your hippocampal, dopamine, and serotonin levels. This causes an altered state of consciousness that magnifies music.  Looks like The Who knew this when they wrote, “Hop on the Magic Bus. “

It’s Only Rock n Roll (But We Like It)

Ask any famous musician or songwriter what they think about smoking pot and writing songs or playing live concerts. They all tell the same tale, one of the incredible magical experiences. Carlos Santana and Eddie Van Halen both describe actually seeing colours swirl around while deep within a song. How cool is that? After Bob Dylan introduced the boys from the Beatles marijuana the guys claimed their minds opened up and actually changed them. They would go on to write the album Magical Mystery Tour.

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog have been preaching the good word for decades. Most of your favourite songs would not even exist were it not for the mystical powers of marijuana. You might remember a guy named Bob Marley. He once said, “One good thing about music – when it hits you, you feel no pain.” He also never wrote a song unless he was high. The conclusion is both scientific and cultural that marijuana and music affect each other and change our brains. Long live Rock!