We had a trip planned to Colorado for two weeks. And I was looking to get the most out of it, having never been there. I planned on being a bit of a tourist, although I usually choose the path less taken. I wanted to try to catch a show at Red Rocks, do some hiking and of course, visit my first dab bar. In preparation for my trip I always like to make an itinerary in order to maximize my stay. I almost never do all the things I want. But I do usually squeeze in more than half and that is good enough for me. This trip’s top priority was going to be my first visit to a dab bar. Given the fact that weed is still illegal in the State I am from.

Colorado Here We Come

We decided that the Dab Lounge in Colorado Springs looked like the coolest place. Plus we liked the fact that it was a good ride south of Denver and wanted to travel to the National Parks. It turned out to be a good choice. The Dab Lounge is a considered a private club. But all that really meant was we had to be over 21 and fill out a very short application thing for a card. That ID card is my favourite souvenir from the whole trip. I am an official member of the Dab Lounge. How cool is that?

The Dab Lounge was a super cool hang out. They have all kinds of fun stuff to do when you’re stoned. They had Karaoke while we were there. That was great fun. Everyone was so stoned I don’t think anyone made it through a full song. They also had video games and poker tables and really great music. But most of they had the killer concentrates.

Dabbing at the Dab Lounge

I had never been to a Dab Lounge or even a coffee shop with the exception of a couple nights in Amsterdam back in the 1980’s. This was a whole new world for me, the shatter, butter, wax and different types of hash. I had no idea where to start. I was spinning before I even toked anything. Then a sweet and pretty woman approached me asked if she could help me out. I was saved. I will call her Linda as they take discretion very seriously. They wouldn’t even let us take pictures inside. But Linda was just as lovely as could be. She made us feel right at home, got us seated, found me a cold beverage and began to teach me about this mysterious world of dabbing. They make it pretty easy there. They explain the differences between shatter and wax, for example. And they figure out what kind of high or medication you need.

It turns out dabbing is the purest form of getting THC. All the chemicals and extras in plants and edibles are removed. This is pure and strong medicine. It is really great for medical patients or recreational users with high tolerances to THC. The nice thing about being in a lounge is that it is safe and clean and completely controlled. They dish out precision dabs, safely and at the perfect temperatures. You can then sit and enjoy the effects, hang out and have fun and socialize, or take off for fun elsewhere. Or maybe you just go home and enjoy the powerful high or healing for the rest of the day.

Dabbing at the Dab Lounge

The Dab Lounge was impressive and a great pick for my first visit to a dab bar. I liked everything about it. The electronic dab rigs were very cool. I know at home you need to break out a blow torch and get the melting just right. I don’t think I would dab at home. It seems too cumbersome and dangerous. Plus I know I would screw it up. But going to a dab bar makes it so easy and super fun.

If you have never dabbed before I would strongly suggest visiting a dab bar for your first time. It’s nice to get the education before you go out there and try doing it yourself. Plus you might even make a few new friends, or a girlfriend like Linda. Thanks Dab Lounge. You made my first time visiting a dab bar the best time.