THC e-Liquid Cartridge – Flavourless – 0.8 mls

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Amsterdam original, flavourless THC e-Liquid cartridge is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction to ensure a high-quality THC e-Liquid. With 1000 mg THC per ml, this is some of the most potent vape juice around.



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The Amsterdam Flavourless THC e-Liquid cartridge is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction to ensure a high-quality THC e-Liquid. With 1000 mg THC per ml this is some of the most potent vape juice available.

We mix pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol with premium cannabis oil to perfection. The result is Amsterdam THC e-Liquid, a perfectly blended, perfectly potent and perfectly fresh THC e-Liquid.

Amsterdam THC e-Liquid cartridges work in almost all electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer battery with a 510 thread, including Kanger, Aspire and many more. If you are not sure what this means, have a look at the THC Starter Kit which includes a THC cartridge, battery, and a charger. It is everything you need to get vaping THC juice today.

THC e-Liquid Cartridge Size

This is a 0.8 ml THC eLiquid cartridge, which includes the Amsterdam THC Atomizer filled with 0.8 mls of potent Amsterdam THC e-Liquid.

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 cm

28 reviews for THC e-Liquid Cartridge – Flavourless – 0.8 mls

  1. Pamela, ON

    Great product with a great high. Long lasting too.

  2. Jason, AB

    Baked as a mother f*****! Love the high I get from this oil, perfect for all day hoots!

  3. Jack, AB

    Strong stuff! It doesn’t feel at all like you’re taking a big puff, but trust me you are! 2 puffs was all it took for me to feel the effects.

  4. Irene, NS

    The high is great, I’m not going to deny that. Just the price is a little much.

  5. Siera, NF

    Most THC cartridges have only 500mg of THC in them, and cost the same! A friend showed me this website and I immediately switched who I purchase my THC oil from because duh. 1000 is bigger than 500!!

  6. Frank, AB

    Not a bad THC oil, does the job!

  7. Julia, ON

    After reading reviews online, and seeing so many raving ones, I had to give Amsterdam THC a try. Thankfully, I was not disappointed! The high is potent and did not leave me couch locked. Shipping was quick as well.

  8. Marielle, ON

    Really good flavour and high!

  9. Blaine, ON

    Who loves get high!? This guy! Now I’m like the ninja of getting one knows. Cause I am too sneaky!

  10. Porter, BC

    Super! I love my little cartridge! I have it on a smaller battery atm, and it works so good! But I think I may purchase the kit so I can have the size appropriate battery instead

  11. Devon, SK

    Great thc oil, nice that the thread count is pretty universal and fits most batteries. Ill probably end up buying the kit though next. LOL

  12. Theo, QC

    Works like a charm!

  13. Nancy, NB

    Perfect size, holds a charge and the accompanying high is sublime!

  14. Bryan, SK

    Super convenient, small and strong!

  15. Olga, AB

    I am a huge fan of THC eliquids, no smell, great consistent taste and no “head fuzz” effect feeling I always get when smoking dry herb. If you havent tried, I highly suggest you do!

  16. James, AB

    Great oil, with a super high

  17. Gerry, ON

    I was never a marijuana user, I tried it a time or two back in the day. But that was a very long time ago. Recently I’ve been struggling with sleeping, especially the falling asleep part. My niece uses these products and let me use one of her pens to see if it would help me with my sleeping problems. First off, I did get very high. But I just laid down, and watched some tv. Next thing I know its morning. I had slept thru the entire night. I tried it again the next night, and again. I slept the whole night. I’ve narrowed it down that 2 puffs is enough to help me fall, and stay asleep all night. Im really grateful! Thank you!

  18. Peter, AB

    Good taste, but I over did it. Should say only take a couple puffs..

  19. Devan, AB

    Fantastic product – would highly suggest.

  20. Kris, ON

    Damn that shit is POTENT!

  21. Steven, BC

    Great tasting e-liquids with no bitter aftertaste!

  22. Amelia, NS

    I tried many brands and most produce shitty taste with the taste of burnt plastic. It really depends on the manufacturer. I was looking for the real thing and I found it. Nice job – 5 stars

  23. James, QC

    Love this THC Cartridge. Please add more flavours 🙂

  24. Susie, MB

    Wow, one small it and I am floating :)-

  25. Jay, MB

    Nice consistency of THC eLiquid in your 0.8 ml atomizer. The atomizer even has personal airflow settings. Very cool.

  26. Edgar, MB

    Very good THC liquid

  27. Pierre, NS

    Works great, and a little toke will do. This may be the strongest THC eLiquid I have tried. Nice.

  28. Heather, AB

    Very strong, very little odor at all. Great vape juice. Thank you 🙂

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