THC e-Liquid Cartridge – Strawberry – 0.8 mls

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Amsterdam Strawberry THC e-Liquid cartridge is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction to ensure a high-quality THC e-Liquid. With 1000 mg THC per ml, this is some of the most potent vape juice around.

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The Amsterdam Strawberry THC cartridge is made using premium Supercritical Co2 extraction to ensure a high-quality strawberry THC e-Liquid. With 1000 mg THC per ml, this is some of the most potent vape juice available.

We mix pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol with FDA approved food grade strawberry flavour and premium cannabis oil to perfection. The result is Amsterdam Strawberry THC e-Liquid, a perfectly blended, perfectly potent and perfectly fresh Strawberry THC e-Liquid.

Amsterdam THC cartridges work in almost all electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer batteries with a 510 thread, including Kanger, Aspire and many more. If you are not sure what this means, have a look at the Amsterdam Strawberry THC Starter Kit which includes a Strawberry THC cartridge, battery, and charger. It is everything you need to get vaping THC juice today.

Strawberry THC Cartridge Size

This is a 0.8 ml Strawberry THC cartridge, which includes the Amsterdam THC Atomizer filled with 0.8 mls of potent Amsterdam Strawberry THC e-Liquid.

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 cm

41 reviews for THC e-Liquid Cartridge – Strawberry – 0.8 mls

  1. Mateo, SK

    Love the flavour, love the buzz!

  2. Donny, BC

    A sweet taste with a powerful hit makes this a good friend!

  3. Kirk, AB

    Sweet flavour and a nice buzz!

  4. Pat, AB

    Great flavour with a great high!

  5. Luke, MB

    This has a great flavor. The potency makes it economical. because you don’t need much to get baked.

  6. Saul, MB

    Vaping this is like a dream come true. Potent, tasty and discrete.

  7. Kristine, BC

    This is wonderful. I just ordered more.

  8. Dave, SK

    A bodacious buzz and a sweet smooth flavour. I just ordered more!

  9. Anthony, SK

    My #1 favourite THC liquid now. Fantastic!

  10. Kathy, ON

    Very tasty and juicy with a sweet mellow high.

  11. Patty, NL

    Nice Flavour and the high packs a punch!

  12. Glen, ON

    Great flavour and high. A little goes a long way!

  13. Bruce, ON

    Mmmm, not a hoax! Oil actually gets you high, and the flavour is top notch!

  14. Josh, NS

    As a seasoned marijuana user. I like products I can use all day, the strawberry flavourings divine. And the high is ideal to use all day.

  15. Patrick, ON

    Great high and very tasty. Vaping these cartridges is very convenient and portable. Love it!

  16. Kate, AB

    I really like the subtle strawberry flavour, the vapor left has a slight sweet smell to it. And I also found that there wasn’t any aftertaste that usually comes from flavour oils.

  17. Trey, ON

    Strawberry flavour is quite pleasant. The high is almost instant, I would wait before hauling some hits again.

  18. Kayla, NF

    Nice flavour

  19. Rob, AB

    Dangerously good! What a blessing, I am thoroughly enjoying my high.

  20. Linda, NS

    Ridiculously good. I’ve been using the cartridge on an old flyte battery I had and its running smoothly! The flavour cannot be matched, and I have vaped countless other brands. Hence having the old battery lying around. I would gladly recommend thc amsterdam liquid to anyone – Im excited to try the new flavours once theyre introduced!

  21. Tony, AB

    so smooth and strong!

  22. Gary, AB

    Delicious flavour, would like to try other flavours as well!!

  23. Isaac, NS

    Seriously the best tasting flavoured THC eliquid I have tried so far. It’s also seriously potent. Proceed with caution and go slow!

  24. Tabatha, BC

    Absolutely fantastically flavoured.

  25. Patrick, ON

    Little strong with the buzz it provides, but really great flavour

  26. Daniel, AB

    Stellar product, I use cannabis products quite a bit and I get a wicked buzz from this!

  27. Oliver, NF

    Great product that gives a great buzz

  28. Tyler, BC

    If there were 10 stars, then I’d give 10 stars!

  29. Evelyn, NF

    I’m not a huge cannabis user, but I am absolutely loving this Strawberry THC liquid. The flavour is delicious, and it only takes 1-2 puffs for me to feel the effects!

  30. Pamela, AB

    I got this THC cartridge for my birthday and I absolutely love it! I hope you plan to add more flavours soon…like vanilla, chocolate or coffee. Yum! <3 😀

  31. Mike, BC

    Im a non-smoker and this feels harsh on my throat. I do like that it helps me relax and sleep

  32. MJ, MB

    Very nice aroma

  33. Mark, BC


  34. Steven, SK

    I’m just blown away. I hope you guys come up with more flavours soon.

  35. Sally, MB

    Awesome, awesome, awesomeee!! I would give it 10 stars if I could 😀

  36. Mark, AB


  37. Jimmay, BC

    Great strawberry THC eliquid, Wish it was even more flavourful but its great,thank you.

  38. Kelly, SK

    Your Strawberry THC eLiquid is my fav!

  39. Karen, QC

    One THC cartridge lasts me over a month. Awesome value.

  40. David, BC

    The strawberry aroma from this is beautiful, thank you.

  41. Mary, ON

    Smooth and delicious!

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