Purchasing Weed Legally in Canada. Now that it’s legal, how does one go about purchasing weed legally in Canada? Well for starters, the legal age varies by province to province, but the gist of them are 18 or 19. So where to buy? First off, online dispensaries as Government and privately owned online shops still offer the same fabulous discrete shipping as previously offered by private dispensaries. It is ridiculously convenient to have the luxury of logging onto a device, finding a strain that specifically suits whatever ails you and then having that product shipped express right to your door. That just blows me away this exciting weed age we’re living in! That being said, customers should note that weed products such as concentrates (shatter, budder, wax, etc) as well as edibles are not legal under the new law.

How else can customers go about Purchasing Weed Legally in Canada? Another option available to customers is thru an actual brick and mortar Government or privately owned dispensary. These outlets are specifically useful for clients who need assistance choosing a strain that will directly deal with whatever ails them. For example, some customers may be new to the weed scene, and may not be familiar with how to even consume weed properly. Hence why these brick and mortar shops are especially ideal for new weed users. Or even for those who have used weed way back when but aren’t so familiar with the new methods of ingesting cannabis. For those customers, check out a shop where store attendants can show just how to use whatever device was/is being purchased.

Purchasing Weed Legally in Alberta, BC & Saskatchewan

With that being said, what about a little more info about exactly where customers can purchase weed legally, like a province to province guide? No problem! Let’s check out Alberta first, online, customers can visit https://albertacannabis.org/ to purchase weed legally. Otherwise, customers can visit many on-site locations such as Nova Cannabis, Fire and Fire Cannabis Inc. Alternative Greens, Co-op Cannabis and many more locations! Now in BC, customers may purchase weed legally online https://www.bccannabisstores.com/ or at retail locations such as BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Weedz. Cannabis Culture. The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, and City Cannabis Co. Saskatchewan has fewer options, but online dispensaries ship Canada wide so that doesn’t impede them much. That being said, Saskatchewan customers may purchase weed at Jimmy’s Cannabis Shop. Fire and Flower Shops and Rural Municipality of Edenwold.

Purchasing Weed Legally in Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec

Continuing on, Manitoba customers may purchase weed legally also thru online dispensaries from other provinces similar to Saskatchewan. But will also have the chose to visit shops including Tweed Canopy, Meta Cannabis Supply Co/National Access Cannabis. Delta 9 Cannabis, and Hiku/Tokyo Smoke. Next, on the list Ontario, Ontario allows customers to purchase weed online at https://ocs.ca, as well as at storefronts such as Toronto 365 Dispensary. Georgia Peach Dispensary. MMJ Canada and Dispensary Pharmasave. Quebec customers looking to purchase weed legally may do so online at https://infocannabis.saq.com/en/. Or at local storefronts such as Lévis. Rimouski. Brossard. Mirabel.  Mascouche and Drummondville.

Purchasing Weed Legally in NB, NL, PEI & NS

Next, New Brunswick. New Brunswick customers may legally purchase their weed online at https://www.cannabis-nb.com/ or by visiting one of many storefront locations. Newfoundland and Labrador customers may purchase weed legally online at https://shopcannabisnl.com/ or by visiting a storefront like Tweed. The Reef Cannabis Shop. Deerlake Green Stop. Puff Puff Pass Head Shop, and C-Store. PEI customers are welcome to purchase weed legally online at https://www.peicannabiscorp.com/ or by visiting one of many brick and mortar shops. Continuing on, Nova Scotia weed customers may purchase weed legally online at https://cannabis.mynslc.com/skins/Cannabis/pages/VerifyAge.aspx or at one of several convenient shops.

Purchasing Weed Legally in the Yukon, N.W.T & Nunavut

In the Yukon, weed customers may purchase bud online at https://cannabisyukon.org/ or at storefronts such as Yukon Liquor Corporation. Furthermore, North West Territories weed customers may purchase their weed legally online at https://www.ntlcc-cannabis.ca/en. Or by visiting one of many shops including Fort Simpson Beverages. Hay River Liquor Retailer and Normal Wells Liquor Agency. And lastly, Nunavut residents may purchase weed legally online at https://www.nulc.ca/.

So there you have it. Purchasing Weed Legally in Canada! Drop me a line and tell me where you’ve been legally purchasing your weed in Canada!