Better Sex with Marijuana

There’s only one thing better than sex and marijuana. And that’s sex with marijuana. I have always noticed heightened pleasure when smoking weed. Recent medical studies and developments in marijuana products and medications prove it. And have confirmed my long-held belief that sex is better with marijuana. It’s a biological and medical fact.

And we now have the science to back it up. If you have been married for years and sex with your partner has become mundane that is normal. Regardless of how much you love each other, it is the same old routine and body. Couples who have used cannabis sex therapy have saved their marriages. People who suffer from anxiety, fear or premature ejaculation are realizing vastly improved sex lives. Better sex with marijuana has gone far past hitting the bong. Here are a few applications you may find very interesting. Let’s take a peak.

Try Erotic Edibles

Erotic edibles are a great place to start before hitting the sack. Go slow before you delve into the even more exotic applications. Edibles tend to relax the mind and body slowly and intensely over a couple of hours, much like the rhythm of good sex. Certain strains are picked for their specific properties and effects. Erotic edibles like High Love chocolate bonbons include 5% THC. The strains chosen have relaxing and euphoric prowess.

They also include other natural sexual stimulating herbs. For example, each chocolate contains Da Miana and Yohimbe, which are naturally occurring aphrodisiacs. They also include Muira Puama which is called the “Viagra of the Amazon.” Edibles are great for foreplay. When you both share your exotic edibles, and you know it’s for hot sex in the near future, the wait can be rather exhilarating and help get those hormones flowing. When the high hits after 20 or 30 minutes you will both be feeling ready for the best session you have had in years.

Lube it Up Baby

Oh yes, it’s not good if it’s not messy. Relationships tend to dry up after a few years both romantically and physical. Dry is not a word you want to be associated with your lover. So, lube it up, baby. This is real medicine. There are many cannabis lubricants on the market. They are packed with healthy natural aphrodisiacs and THC and CBD. One of the most popular lubes is Awaken by FORIA. You apply it like any other cream to your naughty parts and let the magic happen.

The lubes heightened sensation that you will definitely notice the first time. This alone will get your mojo kicking. The best way to go about business is by lubing each other. After you get past the laughter your sex drive will really kick in and you will be ready to go. Lubes are also great for sex when you’re alone. I know I feel uninspired being alone. The lube is great for women and men to help get the job done.

Stick it Up Your Butt

Suppositories work wonders under the sheets. Don’t be scared off by the idea of sticking something your butt. Suppositories are one of the easiest and most effective ways to medicate. They also have vaginal suppositories that really activate sensation inside the vagina. Lubes can be used in unison externally for maximum pleasure.

Explore suppositories can be CBD or THC. If you only desire heightened physical sensation a CBD is perfect. THC is psychoactive. So, you will also get a cerebral high. Choose the right one for you. This product is medicine and as such is tested and regulated for safety. They are completely safe to use and even beneficial to your health as they are an all natural way to boost sexual pleasure.

There are many ways to enhance sex with cannabis. Of course, you could always just fire up an old fashioned joint if all this seems a little too much. However, you really ought to explore this new world. You can purchase all kinds of sexual aids. They now produce CBD massage lotions, THC and CBD micro dosage pills and lozenges, drops and tinctures, and so much more. Find the right product for your bedroom and the rebirth of you libido today and your partner will thank you tonight.