Successfully Germinating Weed Seeds 

Successfully Germinating Weed Seeds in different mediums is easy when proper protocols are in place. The success of your plant’s growth is aided by your observance of the germination process.

When you see small white tendrils protruding from you know germination of your weed seeds has begun. This tendril is called the “Taproot”. All the future roots of the plant will sprout from this taproot. As the taproot gets larger it sprouts smaller roots and pushes up through the soil. When it breaks the surface and the shell breaks, the leaves then start to emerge. These first tiny round leaves emerging from the cannabis seed are called cotyledons. These cotyledons are part of the embryo within the seed itself. The next subsequent leaves emerge serrated unlike, the first round shaped cotyledons.  

The Needs For Successfully Germinating Weed Seeds

  • MoistureWhen beginning germination it helps to keep the seeds moist. You can soak the seeds up to 24 – 32 hours but no longer than that. 
  • WarmthKeep your grow area warm but not too hot. This will increase your germination rates. In spring the seeds can germinate in cooler temperatures. However, germination times tend to be longer.
  • SolitudeWhile you are waiting for the taproot to show up it’s best to leave them in peace and tranquillity. 
  • Handle With CareUse caution when moving your plants. Taproots are very fragile and it is wise not to touch them, as they can break off.  
  • Roots DownWhen planting germinated seeds always point the root downwards. This helps the root from redirecting itself. 
  • Plant Correct DepthPlant germinating seeds in your selected growing medium. A depth of one-half inch to one inch down is sufficient. 

More Moisture

Keeping your seeds moist and is very important. If the fragile taproot breaks out of its shell and receives little moisture it will dry up and eventually die. Checking moisture levels throughout the day assures a fast-growing healthy plant.  

Weed Warmth 

Seeds tend to germinate a lot better in warmer conditions. So do the young seedlings which grow faster with warmth and humidity. Incandescent lighting can add enough heat to help germination if conditions are cool. Also, heating pads sold at most garden stores help to aid germination. Heat and moisture along with unexposed root light are key to fast-growing seedlings.  

Seed Selection 

In the past, it was thought that white or pale green seeds were inferior and unable to germinate. Also, if they were easily crushed between fingers they were bad seeds. This has proven to be untrue. Even though seeds are not dark in colour or seem hollow, most can still germinate. Many reputable seed companies provide a wide variety of high-quality seed strains. These have a percentage of germination under proper procedure and conditions.  

Germination Methods 

  • Seedling Plugs & Starter CubesThese methods make growing your weed easy and efficient. Simply place seed into the pre-cut hole in plug or cube. Then pinch the hole shut and add water. This provides close to a 100% frequency. Keeping unused plugs and cubes is warranted as these pre-moistened products will dry up and lose effectiveness after 1 week. 
  • Heat Mats and GerminationHeat mats provide an optimal method of germination. Seedling plugs and starter cubes work great with heating mats. One of the fastest and most efficient methods in the germination of weed seeds.
  • Wet Paper TowelsThis tried and true method is easy to perfect. Inexpensive paper towels work the best because of their non-porous nature. Place seeds in wet paper towels, cover with another plate and wait for sprouting in 12 hours or so. Leave them sprouting for two days and then transplant root down into your chosen growing medium. 
  • Soaking SeedsThis method works well when germinating very hard shell seeds or aged seeds. Soak in lukewarm water overnight. The seeds most likely to germinate will float at first and then sink to the bottom of the container. With a clear glass container, it is easy to observe when seeds have sprouted. 


Once you have completed the process of successfully germinating weed seeds, plant them root down right away. Be very careful to not even touch the fragile taproot with your fingers. A balanced nutrient-rich medium with warmth, moisture and lighting will yield a healthy and vibrant plant.