The New THC Patches! I find it astounding how they are finding new and innovative ways of delivering THC into the system. The future has arrived! Now there is a daily THC patch. That’s right folks! THC is absorbed with the transdermal system (TDDS). This is similar to the Nicotine Patch which is used for the cessation of smoking introduced in 1991.

Transdermal patches have been around for at least 40 years in some capacity for delivery. So now you don’t have to rely on edibles, bongs, joints, creams or tinctures. However, if you plan on getting stoned this is not what you are looking for. The THC patch is for medicinal use only. Cannabinoid receptors (other drugs do not have built in receptors) in our brains receive the THC and you get high.

However, THC also has its medicinal properties. THC Is just one of the cannabinoids which include (CBD,CBG, CBN, THCA, THCA). The medicinal attributes are still being discovered today. To this date THC is in the treatment of ailments such as killing of cancer cells, appetite stimulation, relief in pain, nausea and inflammation.

Additional Benefits of THC

Also with psychological issues such as PTSD and physical disorders with neurological origins. Epilepsy and seizures symptoms have positive results. This is where the THC patch is perfect for releasing the medicinal components. The THC is slowly released up to 6 hours and there are no psychoactive effects from the slow release system.

Now, in this new century the world is waking up to the realization of these great benefits. Legalization has now made it possible for products like the patch available for relief of ailments. There are two types of patches are available. The Matrix patch is one that resembles the nicotine patch. They both have an adhesive which releases the THC. A person can place this practically any place on the body, but usually these patches are placed on the upper arm, inside of wrist or ankle.

The cannabinoid can then be slowly released into bloodstream which is activated through the heat of your skin. The drug moves slowly through your bloodstream until it reaches your brain and is dispersed throughout the body. The amazing part of this delivery system is that it bypasses your liver lungs and stomach (which are regions that cannabinoids are filtered or broken down).

Direct Benefits

So this means you receive 100% of the THC effectiveness. There are two different types of THC patches. The first patch, the matrix, has the THC infused within the adhesive. The amount of THC depends infused dosage and the size of the patch itself. The second THC patch is called the Reservoir Patch. This patch holds a reservoir of gel solution of THC which is then released into the adhesive membrane at a controlled rate and then absorbed through the skin. Many people prefer this form of TDDS system. The patch is rapidly gaining popularity because the THC is directly absorbed through the bloodstream and results in a total body relief.

Also the patches come with specific cannabinoids to suit your your conditions. The time release factor from 4-6 hours is more conducive to treatment. The aspect that its more discrete is a plus, as the patch can be placed where it cannot be seen. The TDDS has the best use in pain management.

Moreover there is next none of the paranoia associated with toking a joint. The munchies are also put at bay, so you won’t be getting Dorito crumbs all over your computer or forklift etc. Whatever the conditions that are known to be treatable with cannabinoids there is a patch for. This is the new and safe method of medicinal marijuana. The patch is perfect for non pharmaceutical natural THC remedies. So easy to use and very effective.