Vaping THC – A Beginner’s Guide. The world of vaping THC is upon us, and none too soon. Although, vaporizers for cannabis have been around for the past few years. It is only recently that e-Liquids containing THC have been on the market. So besides ingesting edibles, vaping THC is the safest and easiest way of obtaining a good and quick high. Although choosing a quality THC e-Liquid is paramount for your own safety. There are many brands popping up everyday in a practically unregulated industry.

Vaping THC – A Beginner’s Guide…Choice

Choosing a reputable e-Liquid is a wise decision on your part. What is most important for the consumer, in the long run, is that they are not inhaling harmful tar. Cigarettes and cannabis both contain tar. Tar is one of the main cancer-causing agents inhaled into the lungs in smokers. Also besides tar, tobacco contains 4000 other harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you have recently quit cigarettes for the healthier alternative of vaping e-Liquids, vaping THC e-Liquids is a natural choice. Cannabis contains four times the amount of tar than cigarettes. The most important aspect in a persons life is their health, no question. The beauty of vaping THC e-Liquid is that you can vape anywhere vaping is permitted without the odour of cannabis. This comes in very handy even in social situations where the consumption of cannabis could be rejected.

Vaping THC – A Beginner’s Guide…Health

The options of a variety of strains, strengths, and flavours are abundant. Most THC e-Liquid companies offer Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. Strengths vary in percentage. So take that into account when ordering. If you are new to the world of cannabis, you need to know that Sativa has different attributes than Indica. Do you wish for an uplifting energetic and social high that Sativa delivers? Or do you want a more mellow, stay at home watching TV Indica high? Hybrids offer a little of both sensations, depending on strains of course. THC e-Liquids pack a punch. So newbies should always take small draws, to begin with, or they might end up way too stoned. This could end up with the vaper having a very unwanted intense experience.

For the more experienced cannabis user, THC e-Liquid companies, such as Amsterdam THC e-Liquid, offer a 75% THC. With a potent e-Liquid such as this only a puff or two will get you where you want to be. Convenience is another factor to keep in mind with vaping. Now you can do away with the rolling papers, pipes, bongs etc. Just attach your favorite THC e-Liquid to your battery and vape away. Moreover, another great feature of vaping is flavours. FDA approved grade flavours introduce an enhanced vaping experience.

Vaping THC – A Beginner’s Guide…Change

There is a wide variety of flavors such as fruit, pastry or even flavorless. The future has arrived in the cannabis culture with vaping. With more and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, the sales of THC e-Liquids will rise. On October 17th Canada will become only the second country in the world besides Uruguay to fully legalize Cannabis. Already Canadian companies such as Amsterdam THC e-Liquid and the Toronto Hemp Company are gearing up to supply Canadian vapers.

Vaping THC – A Beginner’s Guide…Future

The fine people of Canada will have to see whether it will be a model like the Netherlands. In this part of the world coffee shops and vape shops allow cannabis consumption in designated areas. This allows the consumer a place not only to buy cannabis or THC e-Liquids but also to enjoy the company of like-minded people. My hope is that there will open coffee shops just for THC vaping. A one-stop shop that will meet all your THC vaping needs. Let’s wait and see.