So, you really want to know what THC is? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friends. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. And it gets you high. It is also a versatile medical compound with remarkable healing properties. Our What Is THC? Recreational and Medical Drug Blog will outline not only what THC is, but also, how it works, the benefits and side effects, and why you ought to be using it or not. I can tell you right now, you ought to be. Let me explain why.

What Is THC? Recreational and Medical Drug

Essentially the Title itself, “What Is THC? Recreational and Medical Drug” says it all. It is the dominant chemical found in cannabis flowers that interact with the body’s own cannabiniod receptors and change the body’s chemistry, for the better. This is why it is both a recreational plant and a medical drug. It affects us both mentally and physically on a cellular level. THC actually mimics the body’s natural anandamide and changes the brain’s chemical composition. The THC attaches directly to your neurons, physically altering brain processes. That is some very cool science right there.

THC: Recreational Plant

It is probably safe to assume that if you are reading this blog you have been high before. People smoke pot to get high, feel good and have fun. This has been going on since the beginning of time. What you may not know is that THC is responsible for that. Although, THC is not the only drug at play when you smoke. There is also CBD and hundreds of other chemicals in marijuana. As you likely know a few hits off the bong make you feel carefree and silly. That is the THC. The US government is now synthetically manufacturing THC. Of course, this is to control the market. But it won’t be the same and will probably be mixed with cheap poisons. Never assume the FDA or government care about your health. They only care about profits. So, stick to the real thing.

THC: Medical Drug

The chemical composition of THC is C21 H30 O2. This is very similar to CBD, the second most dominant chemical compound in marijuana. This is used extensively in medical applications. The reason is that CBD does not contain the psychotropic powers of THC. This means patients can receive healing medicine without the high. But THC is helpful here too.

THC is derived from the plant. Some are sativa dominant and others indica dominant. Indica allows patients to relax, relieve stress and anxiety and aids with spasms and twitching. It is also a great sleep aid. Sativa’s are more up-lifting. So, sativa’s generally make you laugh and feel silly. This is used with patients who suffer trauma and depression. So, you can see the benefits of THC medically speaking. Moreover, cannabis is now being used in creams, drops, capsules and edibles. All of these are used in medicines as well recreational purposes.

THC: Versatile Miracle Plant and Drug

Companies like Amsterdam e-Liquid now produce pure THC cartridges that eliminate all chemicals through supercritical CO2 extraction. You can now use your electronic cigarette and vape your cannabis. This is a great development. It means happier and healthier users. THC is a wonder drug on so many levels. There are few plants or healing compounds that have the power or versatility of cannabis. The uses and applications are endless. It’s remarkable that your THC can make you happy and add value to any party. And at the same time be used for 100’s a sickness and ailments. Best of all, the world is waking up to this truth. Medical marijuana is now available throughout Canada and the US. It is a new day my friends. And THC is a big part of the reason. We hope our What Is THC? Recreational and Medical Drug Blog was helpful. Cheers!